'Neel' planter

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These rectangular planters would make the basis for an excellent divider where space is tight, or for climbers against a wall or fence. Clean modern design and clever proportions make them narrow enough to fit against a wall where space is tight, if needed, but tall and long enough to sustain planting that can grow to maturity. Plant with tall grasses, low hedging or evergreen shrubs, or use 2 climbers per pot against a trellis or wall.Made from hard-wearing pre-rusted steel, mainly used in industry and engineering when strength and durability is required. Its golden brown patina brings a lovely warm tone to the garden. Please note, pots can stain the surfaces that they are placed on, and the natural weathering process, as well as water from the drainage holes, may stain your stonework or woodwork.  Dimensions (cms): 80 long x 30 wide x 55 high.