Bay laurel (Laurus nobilis), 150-175cm

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Bay laurel (Laurus nobilis) makes one the finest evergreen hedges, and is popular in cities and suburbs for its dark green leaves, and because plants can be purchased at a good, mature size. Hardy, practical and attractive. These tall plants are an average of 150-175 cms in height. Ideal for garden boundaries, for creating privacy that is pretty well instant, above eye level. Bay laurel shoulld be clipped once or twice per year to form a dense, evergreen and easily maintained hedge. Plant in well-drained soil in sun to light shade. Plant approx 2 plants per metre or even 2.5 plants per metre if you desire a solid screen from the start. Water and feed regularly for up to 2 years while establishing. Use soil enricher / fertiliser at the time of planting. 10 litre pot, plants are approx 150-175cms tall (excluding pot). Plants displayed on this website are not necessarily in stock in each of our shops.