Tradescantia fluminensis 'Quadricolor'

'Quadricolour' tradescania

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As the name suggests, this plants has four colours.... in the foliage, ranging from green to pink to dark pink to pale white. This is a trailing plant that is best on a shelf or in a hanging pot. Some people even train it along a wall. For a brightish location, but not too much full sun. It should be watered twice as often in summer months as in the winter. Allow the compost to dry out, at least on the surface and for a few centimetres down, before re-watering. Feed in summer months with a houseplant food. Occasionally bring it into the shower for a tepid rinse.... this really helps house plants, and washes dust off their leaves too. Plants are in an 18cm diameter pot with hanger, foliage 15-20cm in length.