'Pebble' solar glass light, large

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Solar powered garden light, bringing style, atmosphere and also practicality to any part of your garden. Place somewhere that catches the sun during the day, and enjoy the light when daylight ends and night begins. The warm LED light goes on autiomatically at dusk, and is handy around steps or along a path. These 'pebbles' are made from frosted glass, have a built in solar panel, warm LED bulb and rechargeable battery. You can turn them off if you want to (small switch on the base). Expect better performance in bright, sunny weather.  They require no installation, and the AA rechargeable battery can be replaced if power starts to reduce. For outdoor use only. Approx size: 10.7cm high x 16.8cm long. Note, as these are a solar powered product, they require direct sunlight in order to perform correctly. They will work better in summer and on bright days. Ensure they are placed in a sunny location. In winter, performance will be more limited. Approximate lighting times: Spring = 2.5 hours. Summer = 5-8 hours. Autumn = 2-5 hours. Winter = 0-2 hours.  Smaller size also available. They come nicely packaged with full instructions. Note: items available on this website may not be available in each of our shops.