Yellow rattle seeds (Irish harvested, 2021)

Price: €9.00

Sow in late summer / autumn. Yellow rattle is considered one of the best plants for the creation of a wild flower meadow. As a 'hemi-parasite' it will diminish the vigour of competing grasses. This allows flowers, rather than grasses, to flourish. It literally draws nutrients and moisture away from the competing, over-vigorous grasses. Seed should be sown in late summer into autumn, when it ripens on the plants and falls to the ground. Only a few seeds are needed per square metre. It helps if the soil is lightly scuffed. Remove long grass and ensure that the seed reaches the soil surface. Germination will be in the spring. As a relatively upright annual plant, don't mow before seed has set, as you want to increase the seeds that fall into the soil each year. Small pack of seeds (approx 2 grammes) suitable for approx 5 square metres. Seed is freshly harvested (2021) in Co Wicklow. Price includes postage in Ireland.