Play sand (CE certified), 1 ton bag

Price: €99.00
Delivery only in Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare or Meath.

Summer 2020: Deliveries are generally within 3-5 working days. Free-draining, CE certified play sand, suitable for sand pits, play areas or long jumps - anywhere where a non-staining, safe sand is required. Made from washed and processed beach sand. Because all the grains are of a very similar size, water drains more freely from this sand than other sands. It has been washed multiple times, ensuring that it is clean and hygenic and free from any debris. Sand is a tempting material for unwanted insects and for household pets to use a litter, so try to keep it covered or regularly raked when not in use. If not in use over the winter, ensure that it is dry, and then cover. Sold in a 1 ton bag. €30.00 delivery charge, applicable once on any order which contains heavy items such as this.