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Howbert & Mays

Artstone 'Maud' square flower pot (set of 3)

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Over 50% off - while stocks last. We have been selling 'Artstone' pots for many years, because they are practical, good-looking and great for plants. 'Maud' is a simple square modern planter. For indoor or outdoor use. Made from re-used materials, and recyclable too. They have a drainage hole, plug and built-in reservoir. Small feet raise them slightly off the ground, meaning they work well when there is underfloor heating. This ensures there is no staining to floors, and no need for a saucer. Outdoors, remove the plug. The reservoir means that plants stay in good health for longer. Lightweight, UV proof, frostproof.

Sold as a set of 3 pots.  27 x 27cm,32 x 32 cm and 37 x 37cm. Also available in our Monkstown shop. Can be shipped nationwide (maximum 2 sets).