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Asparagus densiflorus Sprengeri

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The Emerald Feather Fern is actually not a fern at all, but develops arching, frond-like foliage which lends it its name. A native to eastern and southern Africa, this fast growing houseplant will introduce a lush and wild, yet elegant green boost to your space.

Light: This plant enjoys bright-indirect light, so is best suited to sit in an east-facing window. If being placed in a west or south-facing room, keep away from the window, as direct sunlight will scorch the needles. Insufficient light will cause the needles to turn yellow and drop.

Water: Water regularly to keep the compost moist, but not soggy. Fertilise every other week during the growing season.

Air: Average room temperature is fine, but will require a minimum of 10ºC. Does not necessarily need increased humidity, but needles will drop if too dry, so mist occasionally, especially in winter.

When repotting, use a well-draining houseplant potting mix and add some perlite to increase drainage, if necessary.

Pot size: D17cm x H13cm Plant size: approximately W50cm x H50cm

We stock a wide range of indoor plants in our Clare Street and Monkstown shops. We ony have a small selection of indoor plants available online. Decorative pots shown in photos are not included.