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Calathea orbifolia

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Calathea orbifolia is a species of prayer plant. Native to Bolivia, it is commonly kept as a houseplant in temperate zones for its ornamental leaves. It requires partial shade, humidity, and good drainage to thrive.

Light: This plant enjoys bright, indirect light, so do not place it in a south or west-facing window! It will tolerate a south-facing room, as long as any direct sunlight is filtered. It can adapt to lower light levels, but the foliage will retain its colours better if getting brighter light.

Water: Likes to be consistently damp, but not wet, so don't allow to sit in water. As a general rule of thumb, water when the top two inches of compost are dry. Fertilise every other week during the growing season.

Air: Prefers warmer air (18-26ºC) and higher humidity, so mist the foliage between waterings, sit the plant on a tray of watered pebbles or use a humidifier. Avoid draughts with this plant.

When repotting, use a well-draining houseplant potting mix, even adding some perlite to ensure adequate drainage, or try our new Calathea/Maranta potting mix!

Pot size: D14cm x H14cm Plant size: approximately W60cm x H55cm

We stock a wide range of indoor plants in our Clare Street and Monkstown shops, however only a small selection of them are available for purchase online. Decorative pots shown in photos are not included. C