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Howbert & Mays

Carnivorous plants potting compost, 5 litres

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A specialist indoor compost mix from Sybotanica, whose range of peat-free composts has been developed to encourage healthy, beautiful indoor plants.

Most carnivorous plants prefer to stay constantly damp or even wet. They require little or no fertiliser, so this mix is almost nutrient-free. Vermiculite and sphagnum moss retain moisture. Sand give the mix some weight, which is important, as they can be top-heavy and prone to falling over. Most carnivorous plants prefer plenty of light, so keep them on a bright windowsill or need a sunny window. A tip is to keep the pot in a bowl or deep saucer, always filled with water. No need to fertilise.

We generally have a selection of carnivorous plants available n our Monkstown & Clare Street shops.

5 litre ziplock bags.

Generally but not always available in our Monkstown and Clare Street shops.