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Cornus capitata 'Kilmacurragh Rose' / Himalayan evergreen dogwood

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Dogwoods include everything from small shrubs to medium sized trees. Most are deciduous (i.e. lose their leaves) but some are evergreen. Many have unusual, brightly-coloured twigs and stems, while others have beautiful flowers. Cornus capitata grows to be a medium sized evergreen tree. The variety 'Kilmacurragh Rose' is an Irish cultivar named after the gardens in Kilmacurragh, Co Wicklow, now an outpost of the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland. Flowers in spring are white, turning pink as they mature. Flowers mature into to red, ball-shape fruit in late summer and autumn. These are edible, though not especially tasty.

A medium-sized evergreen tree, suitable for suburban or country gardens.  Plant in light shade in moist, fertile soil and a sheltered location. Can grow to a height and spread of over 4 metres.

7.5 litre container, 175-200cm in height, Irish-grown plants.

Due to the size and weight of this plant, it can only be delivered in County Dublin.