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Dicksonia antarctica / Tree fern (80cm tall trunk)

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The best-known tree fern to grow in Ireland, the 'soft tree fern' is instantly recognisable by its long fronds and dark brown woody stem. Plants start lfe looking much like a 'normal' fern, but each year a new crop of fronds appears from the centre. Even young plants can have a spread of 100-150cm after a couple of years. Over time, a trunk develops, which is in fact a mass of roots. Tree ferns are pretty cold hardy in Ireland, but they prefer the milder coastal areas. They should be planted in light or dappled shade, out of the way of strong or easterly winds. They do like moisture too, so damp soil is a bonus. If you don't have damp soil, you may need to water the stem from time to time during dty spells. There are a three tricks to keeping tree ferns looking good. Firstly, remove the older, drier fronds 2 or 3 times per year (chop them off at the base with a pair of secateurs). Secondly, fertilise them with a seaweed based liquid fertiliser every 4 to 6 weeks from spring to autumn. You do this by slowly watering the top of the plant and letting the liquid dribble down the stem (Maxicop seaweed fertiliser is the best). And finally, make sure that they are situated out of strong, drying winds.

We generally have a selection of tree ferns in different sizes in our Monkstown shop. These 80cm plants have a very wide trunk, come in a 50 litre container with multiple fronds. The exact condition and size of the fronds depends on the time of year.

Tree ferns are delivered in the Dublin area in our own van. They are too large and fragile to be sent via courier. Most plants on this website are available in our Monkstown shop. If you do want to have plants delivered outside the Dublin area, please contact us via the contact form to see if its possible.