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Howbert & Mays

Hoheria sexstylosa 'Stardust' / 'Stardust' ribbonwood

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Howbert & Mays have always been great fans of Hoheria. They are evergreen or deciduous shrubs - know as Ribbonwood - from New Zealand. They make excellent plants for suburban garden in the Dublin area: not too big, evergreen, flowering, fast-growing. 'Stardust' is an evergreen shrub with narrow, dark green foliage and clusters of small, fragrant white flowers in late summer. For moist to well-drained soil, in a bright location, preferably shelterd  from easterly winds. Grows to a final height of 4-8 metres with a narrow spread of up to 1.5cm. Plants are Irish grown, 50-60cm in height in a 3 litre pot. Plants are not necessarily in bloom at time of sale.