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Hoya potting compost, 5 litres

Hoya potting compost, 5 litres

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A range of specialist, peat-free composts from SyBotanica, developed to encourage healthy, beautiful indoor plants.

Peat-free mix suitable for Hoyas, who require a fast-draining mix, preventing root root and heatlhy happy plants. When re-potting, remove old compost where possible, as well as any old or dead foliage. Repot into the Hoya mix, gently firming it around the roots. Hoyas require plenty of natural light and like to dry out thouroughly between watering. In their natural habitat, they grow in cracks and crevices in trees, making them epiphytes, plants that don't need to live in the ground itself. We generally have a selection of Hoyas in our Clare Street and Monkstown shops.

Ingredients include: coco coir, activated carbon, worm castings, coconut husk chips, orchid bark, perlite and organic nutrients. C

5 litre ziplock bag.

Generally but not always available in our Monkstown and Clare Street shops.

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