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Howbert & Mays

Katherine St. Angelo, Defining the Elements 18

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A small building huddles unter a turbulent sky. The isobars appear as ridges, the rain comes at all angles, yet somewhere there are light areas in the clouds. Water comes from all directions. Considering the small scale of this painiting, a lot is going on. The painting is from the series 'Defing the Elements' but it could, at least in this case, be more accurately described as 'Surviving the Elements'.

Katherine St. Angelo's work explores the world around us. Skies, seas, clouds, storms, landscape, dawn, dusk and night... and the human position within this. Colours and textures seem inherently Irish. Originally from the United States, Katherine now lives and works in Belfast.

Mixed media, textiles and acrylic on paper, block mounted on wood, 24 x 21cm (unframed) 28 x 25cm (framed). Framed with dark brown stained wooden tray frame.

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