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Lepismium cruciforme 'Red Tip'

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Lepismium cruciforme 'Red Tip' is an epiphytic plant, native to South America, that thrives on neglect. This indoor plant is a jungle cactus that develops long, succulent 'leaves', with very few hair-like thorns that do not hurt at all. Of course, the tips of these leaves are a defining feature.

Light: Give this plant plenty of bright-indirect light and it may even produce white and pink flowers, however it can tolerate lower light levels. If placed in full sun, your plant may turn solid pink to maroon, but leaves can become scorched.

Water: Allow the potting mix to dry out between waterings, fertilise once per month during the growing season.

Air: Prefers warmer air (16-25ºC), but can tolerate temps down to 10ºC. Avoid too much humidity.

When repotting, use a cacti & succulent potting mix.

Pot size: 21cm. diameter x 16cm height. Plant size: approximately W90cm x H100cm.

We stock a wide range of indoor plants in our Clare Street and Monkstown shops. We ony have a small selection of indoor plants available online. Decorative pots shown in photos are not included.