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Phyllostachys aureosulcata 'Spectabilis' / Yellow grove bamboo

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Upright, clump-forming bamboo with attractive yellow canes, mid-green foliage and reliably easy to grow. Subtle green stripes on the canes, as well as occasional interesting zig-zag bends. Most bamboos prefer soil that is fertile and moist, so add some soil enricher such as 'Gee-up' manure when planting, and water well and regularly for up to a year while they establish. Phyllostachys bamboos make good screening plants at the side or back of the garden, or stand-alone specimens. To grow a solid line, we recommend you space them approx 60cm apart. Can grow to 350 to 400cm in height. These bamboos form a clump that can reach 90cm across, but are not considered an invasive bamboo.

18 litre pot. Plants 250-300cm tall, nice bushy and full specimens.