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Howbert & Mays

Phyllostachys bissetii / Bissetii bamboo

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Our best-selling and most reliable bamboo over many years. We have used this bamboo in garden designs around Dublin, because it's hardy, wind resistant and easy to grow. Makes an excellent, tall evergreen hedge. Can even grow in seaside conditions. It is a vigorous bamboo that easily reaches 400cm or higher. It is clump-forming up to 100cm in width, but in Ireland is not an invasive bamboo. It is useful if you want a fast screeningb plant or to gain privacy. It fills out to become a substantial clump, so not for somewhere space is very tight.

Mid to dark green canes with mid to dark green foliage. Most bamboos prefer soil that is fertile and moist, so add some soil enricher such as 'Gee-up' manure when planting, and water well and regularly for up to a year while establishing. Once established, they are fairly resistant to drier conditions. To grow a solid line, we recommend you space them approx 60cm apart. These bamboos form a clump that can reach over 100cm across, but are not considered an invasive bamboo. 10 litre pot. Plants 150-175cm tall.

Because plants are fragile, we cannot ship them nationwide. Plants are delivered in the Dublin area in our own van. Plants on this website are often available in our Monkstown shop.