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Sansavieria trifasciata 'Futura Superba'

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This species of "Mother-in-Law's Tongue" or "Snake Plant" won't grow as tall as S. trifasciata Laurentii, but its leaves are wider and arguably, more striking in their snake-like pattern and impressive yellow variegated edges. Sansavierias are incredibly tolerant of neglect and are perfect for beginners and the seasoned plant collector.

Light: Althought his plant can adapt to both low-light and direct sunlight conditions, it will thrive in bright, indirect light.

Water: Allow the soil to dry out completely before watering. Water thoroughly and allow to drain freely. Do not allow the plant to sit in water as this will cause root rot. Consider fertilising once per month during the growing season.

Air: Prefers temperatures ranging from 15-23ºC, but can adapt to slightly higher and lower temps.

When repotting, use a good quality cactus and succulent compost.

Pot size: D20cm x H16cm Plant size: approximately W35cm x H55cm

We stock a wide range of indoor plants in our Clare Street and Monkstown shops. We ony have a small selection of indoor plants available online. Decorative pots shown in photos are not included.