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Seapoint tide clock

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A unique, site-specific tide clock featuring the Irish coastline. From English manufacturer Bramwell Brown. They are hand made in Hampshire in small batches, to a quality that is set to be 'a future family heirloom'. A tide clock has two motors set to different clocks. The conventional clock tells the time as per a 'normal clock'. The tide clock has only one hand, that rotates between High - Ebb - Low - Flood - High and so on. As well as this hand, there is the unique visual aspect that shows the physical level of the sea as it goes up and down the steps at Seapoint, South County Dublin.

Available in a blue or black case (blue is on display / available in Monkstown).

This clock is only available and on display in our Monkstown shop. Batteries are included. Easily mounted on any wall.  2 year warranty supplied by the manufacturer. Comes beautifully packaged in box with spare batteries, warranty certificate and full instructions.