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Yellow rattle seeds, Irish harvested 2023 (approx 200 seeds per pack)

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Freshly harvested in Co Wicklow, Irish-grown yellow rattle seeds (Rhinanthus major). These are a worthwhile seed to sow if you are trying to start a natural meadow or an area in your lawn where wildflowers will thrive. Yellow rattle, a native Irsh wildflower with small yellow flowers, is considered one of the best plants for the creation of a wildflower meadow.  It will diminish the vigour of competing grasses by feeding off their roots. This allows flowers rather than grasses to flourish. It draws nutrients and moisture away from the competing grasses and allows other species to develop. An annual plant, it is good for pollinators.

Care should be taken to use the seeds correctly. Follow the advice below.

  • Sowing should be done between late summer and November
  • All grass / vegetation should be cut right down to ground level and removed prior to sowing
  • Soil should be scarified or loosened with a fork so that some bare soil is visible
  • Only a few seeds are necessary per square metre. Take a very small pinch and sprinkle them onto area of exposed soil
  • We advise to make a few clumps where the plants will thrive - this way you will be able to harvest your own seeds in forthcoming years
  • After sowing the seeds, water them in or gently firm them in by foot
  • Germination will be in the spring, as they need a prolonged period of cold before germinating
  • Each subsequent year, when the vegetation is cut down in late summer, it should be left on the soil for any seeds to fall out, and then removed.
  • Yellow rattle does not remove all grasses, but it does diminish their vigour and allow other plants to thrive.

Harvested freshly in late summer 2023. One pack contains approximately 200 seeds. There may be some additional chaff. Seeds should be sown at a rate of 10-20 seeds per square metre. 1 pack is sufficient for 10-20 square metres, depending on density. You can mix in wildflower seeds when sowing yellow rattle.

Nationwide delivery is €2.50 per order. Also available in our Clare Street shop.