Online sales: Corona virus update #6

5th April 2020: We were told that this would be a marathon, not a sprint. People around the country are wishing they could get some gardening done, but sadly garden centres have shut down along with most businesses.

Good value small plants.jpg

Some people have more time at home than they are used to, and probably less money. This is why we have made a whole new section on the website called 'Good Value Plants'. Not that everything on this website isn't good value: we do our research and price competitively. But these plants are small and easy to pack and ship, and all cost less than €5.00. If you need to do a lot of planting, getting plants for €3.50 will get you a lot further than larger plants that cost double or more. Spring / early summer is the ideal time to plant small plants, and by the time they have rooted out they will quickly catch up with plants that were purchased at double the size and price.

We are currently exceptionally busy, and also have masses of local deliveries to cope with. In order that staff stay safe and healthy, we either work alone (watering, driving etc) or in the case of 'Howbert' & 'Mays', we are a married couple, so spend all our time with each other wherever we are. We are dealing with orders as efficiently as we possibly can, and most are turned around in a matter of days. If you send in an email or an order, we may not acknowledge it straight away, but we will get to it in turn and then deal with you query / order.

Bulky items cannot be delivered at the moment. As soon as the situation changes, we will take orders again and resume deliveries. Keep an eye on the website.