Soil Renew soil improver (1.5kg)

Price: €15.00

Perfect for restoring poor soil, and very useful for gardens with compacted or imported soil. Suitable for lawns, beds and vegetable growers. It improves soil structure and microbial activity, allowing roots easier access to nutrients and water. Once applied, it will continue to improve soil quality over time. It is in pellet form and should be applied to the surface of the soil once a year - no need to dig into the soil.

  • Improves soil structure, including clay or sandy soil types
  • Increases micro-bacterial life in the soil
  • Helps to retain nutrients in the soil
  • Improves the root structure of plants
  • Produces healthier, disease-resistant plants
  • Limits moss growth due to better aeration of the soil
  • 1.5 kg is suitable for approx 30 square metres, once annually.

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