Monstera variegate dublin

Variegated monstera - what's all the fuss about?

Plants are at their most valuable when they are hardest to get. It's a supply and demand thing. So when we got our hands on 10 healthy Monstera deliciosa 'Variegata' for our Dublin shops, and shared them on Instagram, they almost all sold within a couple of days - and they cost €140 for a well-rooted, 4-5 leafed but fairly small plant in a 3 litre pot. 

Yes, they look very cool. But the reason they are so expensive is because there are so few of them in existence. In a few years they probably won't cost as much, because there will be more of them out there. Just think, in 17th Century Holland, a rare or unusual tulip bulb could sell for the price of a house!

The good news is that Howbert & Mays have kept a couple of the variegated Monsteras for themselves, so we can grow and sell smaller cuttings at a reasonable price, once the plants have matured a bit.

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