Biohort garden storage assembly prices, 2024

Biohort AvantGarde Dublin

Biohort 'AvantGarde' in metallic dark grey (available in 7 sizes)

Howbert & Mays offers a full Biohort garden shed assembly service in the Dublin region. Our assembly staff have been trained and certified in Austria by Biohort. We offer the highest standard of assembly available in Ireland. We only assemble sheds purchased through us. Sheds purchased through Howbert & Mays cost less than if purchased through Biohort directly! Once we have assembled your Biohort shed we remain on hand to assist you with spare parts, repairs or even moving it if you move house.

Assembly prices for Biohort garden sheds in the Dublin area.

Item Assembly price*
Leisuretime Box, all sizes €100.00
StoreMax & Romeo, all sizes €150.00
HighBoard, two sizes €180.00
Equipment Locker  €150.00 (size 90) or €180.00 (size 150 and 230)
AvantGarde sizes 1-4 €250.00
AvantGarde sizes 5-8 €350.00
HighLine sizes 1-3 €250.00
HighLine sizes 4 &5 €300.00
Neo size 1 €450.00
Neo size 2 €550.00
Neo size 3 €600.00
Europa sizes 1-4 €220.00
Europa sizes 5-7 €280.00
Other models and sizes

On request

 * Prices are guideline prices only and we may ask to see photographs of the site in advance of installation. Our prices do not include site works and are based on the site being in a suitable condition for your shed. Prices are only for Biohort products purchased from Howbert & Mays. Waste packaging removal is not included in the price. If floor panels are used, a styrofoam underfloor layer will be necessary and the price is not included below.

Some answers to common questions:

  • How much for delivery? The sheds are delivered free of charge throughout Ireland.
  • How about assembly? Biohort sheds are delivered flat-pack, unassembled. Detailed instructions are included and assembly is designed for home assembly.
  • Can Howbert & Mays assemble it instead of us? If you don't want to assemble the shed yourself, we can assemble for you. See the guideline prices above.
  • What preparations do I need to make? Your main consideration is what surface to put the shed on. You will need a firm, level surface (gravel, paving etc) if you use a 'floor frame' and 'floor panels'. Alternatively, you can make a concrete foundation to exact measurements - visit the Biohort website or contact us for exact dimensions for each model.
  • Do all Biohort sheds need foundations or floor panels? No. Some Biohort sheds, such as the Leisuretime Box, StoreMax and HighBoard come with their own floor as part of the unit.
  • Is there a guarantee? All metal body panels are guaranteed for 20 years against corrosion. The guarantee does not apply to fittings such as handles, springs etc.

Biohort concrete foundation instructions Ireland

Biohort HighLIne Dublin Ireland
Biohort 'HighLine' double doors in metallic dark grey (available in 5 sizes)

Biohort StoreMax Dublin

Biohort 'StoreMax' in metallic silver (available in 3 sizes)