Catalogue of sold artworks

Our Clare Street shop displays and sells artworks that we love. We seek out pieces that say something about the past or show how we look at the present. In all cases, they are pieces that we would want in our own home and that some special quality.

Many pieces are by Irish artists, or artists working in Ireland. Works dwell on nature, plants, landscapes or Dublin. We are equally interested iny the work of anonymous and unknown artists.

The artistic scene of the last couple of hundred years is dominated by a fascinating cast of characters that does not reflect the 'mainstream' of Irish society.  Ireland's artistic scene was progressive and forward-thinking, defying the constraints of the time, resulting in dynamic, exciting works of art. We love to explore this world through the art pieces that we curate. We like to demonstrate its continuity to the present by displaying pieces from all eras side by side, by those who are living and those who are dead.

Greg Mathias, Sandycove 2 (acrylic on canvas)

Greg Mathias, View from Killiney Hill (acrylic on canvas)

Greg Mathias, Pensés, (linocut)

Greg Mathias, Aurore, (etching)

Greg Mathias, Howbert & Mays, (acrylic on canvas)

Cathy Burke, Candelaria (ceramic)

Alison Rosewarne, Hydrangea on Butchers' Block (mixed media / collage)

Eleanor O'Connor, Cinema Receptionist (oil on board), 1930s

Pete Hogan, Moby Brick (Etching, 1980s)

Alicia Boyle, Red Rooftops (Oil on canvas)

Claude Sebastien Hugard, Mount Etna, Sicily (oil on canvas)

A. Clegg, Rural landscape with trees (watercolour)

Mabel Young, Trees by the Lake (watercolour)


Sarah Spackman, Connemara Landscape, Cleggan (oil on board)

Cinema usher and gentleman, Green Cinema Dublin

Eleanor O'Connor, Gentleman and cinema usher (1930s) (oil on baord)

Deciduous trees poster, Germany

Deciduous Trees poster from Germany, 1950s/ 1960s (printed canvas)

Sean O'Sullivab, Study for St Audeon's Church, Dublin

Sean O'Sullivan, Buildings around St Audeon's Church, Dublin (watercolour)

The Hall in Rake House, Milford Surrey, by Nina Warke

Nina Warke, The Hill in Rake House, Milford, Surrey (watercolour)

Bairbre Duggan, Towards Greystones

Bairbre Duggan, Towards Greystones (oil on paper)

Boak, Glenveigh

Robert Cresswell Boak, Glenveigh (hand coloured etching)

Pete Hogan, Baggot Street

Pete Hogan, Baggot Street (etching, Artist's Proof)

Pete Hogan, On the LIffey Quays

Pete Hogan, On the Liffey (etching, Artist's Proof)

Eithne O'Dea, Flower Pot

Eithne O'Dea, Flower Pot (oil on canvas)

Anon, Steamer

Anonymous, Steamer in the Bay (oil on canvas)

Anonymous, Girls on the Grass

Anonymous, Girls on the Grass (oil on canvas)

Maraa Simonds Gooding Sheep on the Hill

Maria Simonds-Gooding, Sheep on the South Side of the Blasket Island

Dutch Billy Houses, Dublin

Anonymous, Dutch Billy house, Dublin

Anonymous, Bridge and full moon, Glendalogh (1904)

Anonymous, Moon near Glendalough (1904)

George Campbell, O'Connell Street 1950s

George Campbell, O'Connell Street (1950s) watercolour

Bairbre Duggan, Peony (oil on paper)

Bairbre Duggan, Seapoint, December, (oil on paper)

Michael Farrell Douglas Hyde Gallery

Michael Farrell, Douglas Hyge Gallery Exhibition, 1979 (original print)

Deciduous trees poster

Coniferous Trees, Germany, 1950s / 1960s (original print on canvas)

Mary West, Into Portnoo

Mary West, Into Portnoo (oil on board)

Sancta Maria Virgo in frame

Anonymous, Sancta Maria Virgo, oil on canvas

Jack Hanlon, Plants on a windowsill

Jack Hanlon, Plants on a windowsill, watercolour on paper

Harry Kernoff Poulaphoca Beech Trees

Harry Kernoff, Beech Trees Near Dublin, watercolour

Woodcut Man with a PIpe, Polperro

Anonymous, Man with a Pipe, woodcut on paper

Bluebell Wood needlepoint

Anonymous, Bluebell Wood, needlepoint

Merrion Square North Dublin, Pete Hogan artist

Pete Hogan, Merrion Square to Clare Street, watercolour

Conor Gallagher Artist Dublin painting

Conor Gallagher, Mianis IV, mixed media on canvas

Ronald Ossory Dunlop Ponies

Ronald Ossory Dunlop, Connemara Ponies, oil on canvas

Desmond Turner Thatched Cottages Achill

Desmond Turner, Thatched Cottages, Achill, oil on canvas

Stephen Taylor Heron's Trail

Stephen Taylor, Heron's Trail, acrylic and ink on paper

Isabel Odell Artist The Blue Pot

Isabel Odell, The Blue Pot, oil on board

Custom House Liberty Hall Pete Hogan

Pete Hogan, Liberty Hall and Customs House, Dublin, watercolour

Evie Hone, Summer woodland

Evie Hone, Woodland in Sunlight

Alicia Boyle Sea Wall Dublin Gallery

Alicia Boyle, Sea Wall near Chichester

Estella Solomons, Pear Orchard

Estella Solomons, Pear Trees, Etching, 2/3

Yvonne Pettitt Nasturtiums

Yvonne Pettitt, Nasturtiums

Celia P Culverwell, Beech Tree

Celia P. Culverwell, Beech Tree

Yvonne Sutton, Monkstown

Yvonne Sutton, Monkstown View

Anonymous, Fisherman

Anonymous, Fisherman in River, oil on board

Yvonne Pettitt Water

Yvonne Pettitt, Water

Conor Kavanagh, Dunne Street

Conor Kavanagh, Dunne Street

Ossory Dunlop, Walkers

Ronald Ossory Dunlop, Walkers at Dusk, oil on canvas

Ruaidhri Bashford, Maranta

Ruaidhri Bashford, Maranta

Ruaidhri Bashford, Blue Wren

Ruaidhri Bashford, Blue Wren

Inga Ryan, Woodland

Inga Ryan, Woodland

Old Mill, Anonymous

Anonymous, Old Mill, oil on board

Anonymous, Fisherman and boat

Anonymous, Fisherman and Boats, oil on paper

Eithne O'Dea, Nasturtiums

Eithne O'Dea, Nasturtiums

K K Godsee, Vessels

K K Godsee, Vessels

Anonymous Irish School, Coastal Landscape

Anonymous, Irish School, Coastal Landscape, oil on canvas

Fionnuala D'Arcy Flower Seed Head

Fionnuala D'Arcy, Seed Head

M Fortescua, Killiney Hill

M. Fortescue, Killiney Hill, 1909, Watercolour

Workman McCready lakeshore trees

Ellen Workman McCready, Lakeside Trees

Ellen Workman McCready POrtnoo Cottage

Ellen Workman McCready, Portnoo Cottage and Cattle

 Ellen Workman McCready INterior Scene drawing

Ellen Workman McCready, Interior

Yvonne Sutton Sandycove Houses

Yvonne Sutton, Houses at Sandycove Beach

Ursula Celano Sea Swimmers Seapoint

Ursula Celano, Swimmers at Seapoint

Ursula Celano Boy on Pier

Ursula Celano, Boy on Pier

Ursula Celano Sandycove Beach swimmers

Ursula Celano, Sandycove Beach

SK Shemeld Lackagh Bridge Donegal

S. K. Shemeld, Lackagh Bridge, Donegal (1910-20)

Harry Epworth Allen Howth

Harry Epworth Allen (1894-1958), Howth Harbour

Lily Williams, self portrait

Lily Williams (1874-1940), self portrait

Grace Brennan artist

Grace Brennan, Buried at Derraghan

J.C. Uren, At the Gurnard's Head

JC Uren (1845-1932), At the Gurnard's Head

Merrion Square and Clare Street, Pete Hogan

Pete Hogan, Merrion Square and Clare Street

Gerard Dillon Red Roses for Me Abbey Theatre poster 1967

Gerard Dillon, Red Roses for Me, Abbey Theatre poster (1967)

 Kentia palm painting Ruaidhri Bashford

Ruaidhri Bashford, Kentia,

After Mary Swanzy Honolulu Garden

After Mary Swanzy, Honolulu Garden

Chjarles Haslewood Shannon Lady in a grotto

Charles Haslewood Shannon R.A. (1863 - 1937), Sea Nymph in a Grotto

Coastal Scene 2002, Clement McAleer, acrylic on paper

Clement McAleer, Coastal Scene (2022)

After Roderic O'Conor, Toy boats on a pond

After Roderic O'Conor, Toy boats on a pond

Mildred Anne Butler (1858-1941), Garden at Kilmurry

Jack B. Yeats (1871-1957), The Wren Boys

Thomas Bond Walker seascape

Thomas Bond Walker (1861-1933), Northern Ireland coastal scene

Jack P. Hanlon, The Birds

Father Jack Hanlon (1913-1968), The Birds, watercolour on paper

 Stella Steyn, Chrysanthemums

Stella Steyn (1907-1987), Chrysanthemums (detail), watercolour on paper

Catherine St Angelo, Defining the Elements

Katherine St Angelo, Defining the Elements, acrylic on linen

Elizabethe Rivers, Three Men and a Ladder

Elizabeth Rivers, Three Men and a Ladder

Fionnuala D'Arcy seed head 1

Fionnuala D'Arcy Seed Head 2

Fionnuala D'Arcy, Seed heads (generally, some Fionnuala D'Arcy pieces available)

Clement McAleer, Shoreline

Clement McAleer, Shoreline, oil on canvas

Bairbre Duggan Sandsycove study, oil

Bairbre Duggan, Sandycove Study, on on canvas

K K Godsee, Open Container

K K Godsee open container

K. K. Godsee, Open Container (always a limited number on display)

Frank E Jamieson, A Highland Lough

Frank E Jamieson, A Highland Loch

Bairbre Duggan, Pink flowers

Bairbre Duggan, Flower Vase

Marc Reilly, Clara Vale, Pastels on paper

Marc Reilly, Clara Vale

Marc Reilly, Clara Vale 2

Marc Reilly, Clara Vale

Victorian Lady, Anonymous

Anonymous artist, A Victorian Lady

Suzy Quirke, Umbrella Pines, Rome

Suzy Quirke, Umbrella Pines, Rome (limited edition print, available in-store)

Ursula Celano, Sandycove

Ursula Celano, Sandycove

Jock Bevan, Dame Street architecture

Jock Bevan, Dame Street Central Bank offices

Thomas Bond Walker, Groomsport

Thomas Bond Walker (1861-1933), The Village Pump, Groomsport

David Crone, Dark Plants

David Crone, Dark Plants

Ursula Celano Sandycove

Ursula Celano, Sandycove Beach

Leo Earley, Cattle grazing in Meadow

Leo Earley, Cattle grazing in the Meadow

K K Godsee, containers (framed)

K K Godsee, Open Containers (framed)

Maria Simonds Gooding Blasket Cottage

Maria Simonds Gooding, Blasket Cottage