Artworks in our Clare Street shop

Artworks in our Clare Street shop

Since we opened our Clare Street location, we have wanted to include artworks along with plants, as well as other beautiful things for the home. For a start, the building lends itself to this, with its high ceilings and long, elaborate staircase. Secondly, we are right in the heart of Dublin's 'art district' sandwiched between the two entrances to the National Gallery, adjacent to the Oriel Gallery, one of the country's oldest independent commercial galleries, and in a location that was, in its previous life, at the heart of Dublin's literary scene. Browse a selection of some pieces that we have already sold...

We like to delve into the past as well the present. We choose pieces by artists who appeal to our sensibilities, who have a sensitivity towards nature or who express themselves through beauty. If we see beauty and chaos in nature, we like to see this reflected in art: and there are an infinite number of ways to do this. There are artists who have played a significant part in the artistic life of the city, who made Dublin their home, and we feel they belong in our shop too.

We love plants and we love art, and believe the two should be side by side. We like to display things as they may be in the home: surrounded by day-to-day objects, seen in passing rather than observed in reverential silence, connected to the objects around them.

Clare Street landing paintings

Rowland Hill Fair Head to Ballycastle

Rowland Hill, Fair Head, Ballycastle

Gerard Dillon Red Roses for me poster, Abbey Theatre

Gerard Dillon, poster for Abbey Theatre production of Red Roses for Me (1967)

Harry Kernoff, Beech Trees (1932)


Pete Hogan, Custom House & Liberty Hall, 2008

18th Century Irish School, Innisfallen Lakes

Fionnuala D'Arcy seed head

Fionnuala D'Arcy, Flower

Michael Mulcahy Boat on the waves

Michael Mulcahy, Boat on the Waves

Inga Ryan Woodland Path

Inga Ryan, Forest Path

Sea Sanity Louise Cherry

Louise Cherry, Sea Sanity series

Mildred Anne Butler Kilmurry

Mildred Anne Butler, Kilmurry Garden

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