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Howbert & Mays

Solar 'Globe' light, 30 / 40cm diameter

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Solar garden lights that work better than you ever thought solar lights could work. No need for wiring or an electrical connection. High quality, made in Germany, built for performance and long life. They include a powerful battery and intelligent solar collector that is on a 4 metre cable. Suitable for driveways, terraces, inside flowerbeds, under trees: the only requirement is that the solar spike is situated in a sunny location. Because the solar collecter is on a long cable, the lights can be placed in the desired location and the solar collector can be somewhere less prominent. The light is warm and bright and goes on automatically at dusk. On / off switch if you prefer not have the light go on. IP44 rated, UV resistant polyethelene, warm white LED bulb.

Dimensions: 30cm or 40c. Includes cable and solar spike. Requires assembly, approx 3 minutes.

Nationwide delivery (Ireland) is only €7.95 per order. Solar globe lights are generally available in our Monkstown and Clare Street shops.

Solar globe light on cable