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Acorn Vase, by Ilex Studio

Acorn Vase, by Ilex Studio

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The 'Acorn Vase' has been specifically designed for germinating acorns (oak seeds). Similar to the 'Avocado Vase' but smaller. Find an acorn in a wild place where oak trees are healthy and abundant. These should be on the ground in autumn and early winter. Place the acorn at the neck of the vase, just at water level. Watch the roots emerge and grow into the water below. Nicely designed, beautifully made, excellently packaged. Once the acorn has germinated and developed a healthy root system (can take up to one year) it can be planted outside where it can grow for centuries. Perfect for a container, for developing into a bonsai, or for re-wilding a plot of land near your home.

Handbook included with detailed tips for growing and caring for your oakling. 

Specifications: The Acorn Vase Vase (15cm x 15cm) is made from borosilicate glass. The packaging is printed on recycled card. 

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