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Howbert & Mays

Aluminium floor frame for Biohort sheds

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Most Biohort sheds require a base. You can pour a concrete base, in which case you need to do this to the exact dimensions and specifications on the Biohort website.

Alternatively, a Biohort shed can go on any level surface such as decking, gravel, paving etc, provided it sits on an aluminium floor frame. The floor frame is put onto level ground and the shed is fitted onto this. Internally, we recommend that you lay a layer of foam insulation board (available inexpensively from any DIY shop) with the floor plate on top. The end result is that the interior floor is above ground level, remaining dry in all weathers. 

Many customers find this a little confusing. If you need clarification, please contact us and we will help you.

All prices include delivery throughout Ireland. Ideally, you should order the floor frame and floor plates when ordering your Biohort shed.