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Anonymous, After the Ball

Anonymous, After the Ball

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Art deco print or pen and ink drawing entitled 'After the Ball'. We picked up this piece in America. It perfectly captures the glamour and romance of that era. From what we can see, it is hand coloured. Depicting an elegant couple on a canal bank with the tip of a gondola in the foreground, stylised trees receeding into the distance and yellow flowers to either side. Originally the image was on a larger piece of paper, where 'After the Ball' was written in pencil, along with the signature 'Louie'.  It is in excellent condition and we have had it reframed on acid free paper with UV resistant glass. Even with this, we recommend that it is kept away from bright sunlight. As an extra bonus, when re-framing we discovered the image of 'Adolphe Menjou', a Hollywood star, who, strangely enough, had an Irish mother who was related to James Joyce.

Dimensions (including frame) 42cm x 32cm

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