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Asparagus falcatus

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The Sicklethorn Fern is actually not a fern at all, but is a member of the Lily family that has hidden spines running up its leaf stems. A native to eastern and southern Africa, this fast growing houseplant will introduce a lush and wild, yet elegant green boost to your space.

Light: This plant enjoys bright-indirect light, so is best suited to sit in an east-facing window. If being placed in a west or south-facing room, keep away from the window, as direct sunlight will scorch the needles.

Water: Water regularly to keep the compost moist, but not soggy. Fertilise every other week during the growing season, but water less and do not fertilise during the winter months.

Air: Average room temperature is fine and won't do well in less than 10ºC. Does not necessarily need increased humidity, but needles will drop if too dry, so mist occasionally, especially in winter.

When repotting, use a well-draining houseplant potting mix and add some perlite to increase drainage, if necessary.

Pot size: D20cm x H17cm Plant size: approximately W35cm x H90cm

We stock a wide range of indoor plants in our Clare Street and Monkstown shops and only have a small selection of indoor plants available online, so drop in to one of our shops to see our full collection. Please note, decorative pots shown in photos are not included.