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Avocado Vase, by Ilex Studio

Avocado Vase, by Ilex Studio

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The 'Avocado Vase' has been specifically designed for germinating avocado stones. Similar to the 'Acorn Vase' but larger. Place the avocado stone at the top of the vase. Watch the roots emerge and grow into the water below. Nicely designed, beautifully made, excellently packaged. Once the plant has established it can be potted into compost and grown into an attractive, long-lived houseplant.

36 page handbook included, with detailed tips for germinating and growing the avocado plant. The handbook contains useful advice on the subjects of water, light, pruning and repotting. 

Specifications: The Avocado Vase (15cm x 15cm) is made from borosilicate glass. The packaging is printed on recycled card. 

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