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Howbert & Mays

Ballylusk binding grit / dust (1 ton bag / bulk bag)

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The perfect base layer for gravel, or for hard-wearing, garden paths. Attractive golden-brown colour. As used in classic gardens such as Powerscourt and Mount Usher. Delivery is €35 per truck delivery order, regardless of order size.

The ideal base for gravel surfaces. 'Dust' or 'grit' forms a hard seal between the sub-base, (usually compacted rubble or hardcore), and the finished surface of gravel. It is comprised of differently-sized small particles of crushed Ballylusk stone which, when compacted, join together to make a strong solid layer. This prevents the underlying stones from working their way into the finished gravel surface. It also provides a permeable, firm base that is easy for walking, driving etc. Many people use this as a base layer for Ballylusk gravel (also available from us), but it can be used under any gravel.

Once applied it should be raked and then compacted to bind it together. 1 ton will cover 25-30 square metres to a depth of 25-30mm. Contents 1 ton / 1M3 bulk bag.

Please note: delivery can take up to one week from receipt of order. Delivery only in counties Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare and Meath. Orders from outside these counties will be cancelled and refunded.