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Howbert & Mays

Betula albosinensis 'Fascination'

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Birches are generally fast-growing, medium-sized deciduous trees thrive in most environments. They are a popular tree in many Dublin gardens and was made famous in Helen Dillon's iconic front garden in Ranelagh. This variety has beautiful coppery-pink bark that differs from the more common, extra white bark of the Himalayan birch (Betula 'Jacquemontii'). Great for city and suburban gardens because of its trouble-free qualities. It does not take significant light, does no harm to foundations or walls. It makes an impressive specimen in winter too, when its stunning bark is most visible. Beautiful when planted in small groups of 3 or more, where they can grow together to form a light and airy woodland feeling.

Please don't 'cut back' birch trees when they reach maturity. This destroys their elegant, natural shape. A birch tree is rarely 'too big'. Enjoy it at its natural size, engage a professionally trained tree surgeon to thin it if you have to, or chop it down.

Plants are 150-175cm tall, 5 litre pot, Irish-grown.

Plants are generally available in our Monkstown shop. Because of the size and weight of this item, we can only deliver this item in County Dublin. We generally have other sizes and species of birch in our Monkstown shop.