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Howbert & Mays

Bonsai compost, 5 litres

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A range of specialist, peat-free composts from SyBotanica, developed to encourage healthy, beautiful indoor plants.

Bonsai plants are quite delicate and require a little more attention to detail than many other houseplants, in order to thrive. This bonsai mix has the perfect balance of gritty, quick-draining soil, mixed with lava rock to assist with root structure and to anchor the plant into its small pot. Since the root system and soil quantity is minimal with bonsai trees, they need to fertilised regularly during the growing season and to assist with this, worm castings are included in the mix to slowly release nutrients for the roots to utilise. We generally have an extensive selection of bonsai for sale in our Monkstown & Clare Street shops, as well as orchid pots and feeds. C

5 litre ziplock bags.

Generally but not always available in our Monkstown and Clare Street shops.