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Howbert & Mays

Box tree moth trap/ Pheromone trap against box caterpillars

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This is a completely safe and effective way to prevent damage to your box plants from the box caterpillar. It is harmless to wildlife and beneficial insects. These green and yellow caterpillars can strip most of the leaves from your box plants, causing damage or death. This caterpillar is very much present in the Dublin area, and we have had numerous customers reporting it to us and looking for solutions.

The trap uses a pheromone (natural scent) to lure the male caterpillar moths and trap them, preventing them from mating and subsequent infestation of caterpillars. It should be placed or hung near your box plants at a height of approx 150cm. One trap is sufficient for up to 200sq metres of box hedge. The trap should be placed outside from mid to late April until late summer. The trap comes with enough pheromone to be effective for up to 12 weeks. Additional pheromone is available.

Full instructions are included. Suitable for organic gardening. C