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Howbert & Mays

C. Atherley Geranium Fragranced Candle (200g)

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A pure and clean burn from these hand-poured English candles. The calming and uplifting scent of the scented Geranium will infuse your home. Approx 45 hour burn time.

Howbert & Mays is proud to be the first shop in Ireland to stock the range of Geranium-based botanical products from C. Atherley. Launched in our Clare Street, these English-made are made from refreshing, nature-based products and are beautifully fragranced.

From plant to product, these bespoke formulations have been developed, created and bottled in the English countryside. They contain a highevel of natural botanical ingredients. Geranium No.1 encapsulates the rare and clarifying scent of scented geraniums.

  • When using the candle for the first time, leave it to burn until the wax has melted and pooled to the edge to ensure an even burn.
  • Regularly re-centre, straighten and cut the wick between uses, ensuring it’s no longer than 6mm.
  • For best results burn your candle at least 2 hours but no more than 4 hours at a time.
  • Once your candle is finished, carefully remove any excess wax and wick plates and wipe clean to reuse. Make sure there’s about a 1cm of wax left. Burning any further could cause the vessel to overheat.

Also available in our Clare Street, Dublin location.