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Cercidiphyllum japonicum / Katsura tree

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We have been fans of this tree since we first started learning about plants - so much so that we planted one near our new house. The 'Katsura tree' is a medium-sized deciduous tree with beautiful leaves in spring, summer and autumn. In spring the rounded, medium-sized leaves are tinged with bronze. In summer they are mainly green, and in autumn they turn shades of orange, yellow and red. In autumn the leaves give off the aroma of burnt sugar, candyfloss or toffee. Plant near other trees or in a sheltered woodland location, in most soils. Can grow up to 12 metres in height, fairly upright and multi-stemmed. Ideal for a Japanese or Chinese themed garden.

Irish-grown plants, 200-250cm tall, 7.5 litre pot.

Generally available in our Monkstown shop. Due to the size and weight of this plant, it can only be delivered in County Dublin.