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Italian terracotta 'Double Border' pot, 3 sizes

Italian terracotta 'Double Border' pot, 3 sizes

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Traditional terracotta flower pots, with the classic 'double border'. Made in Italy from natural terracotta and hand-finished. Frostrproof to -25ºC.  Suitable for a wide variety of plants, including trees and shrubs. The largest pot is extremely large and heavy and can sustain medium-to large trees and shrubs. We deliver all pots in our own van in the Dublin area.

Three sizes are generally available in our Monkstown shop:

50cm wide (externally, at the top) by 41cm high.

60cm wide (externally, at the top) by 50cm high.

80cm wide (externally, at the top) by 70cm high.

Generally available in our Monkstown shop. Delivery in the Dublin area in our own van. Other counties by arrangement. A wider selection of terracotta pots are always available in our shops.

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