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Slate chippings / Plum slate (1 ton bag / bulk bag)

Slate chippings / Plum slate (1 ton bag / bulk bag)

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Chipped slate makes a useful and ornamental ground cover. Suitable as an alternative to gravel in a low-traffic area, or as a mulch under trees and shrubs. Delivery is €35 per truck delivery order, regardless of order size.

Lay over compacted quarry dust or over weed barrier if used around plants. Ideal as a low-maintenance ground cover surface that also allows water penetration and drainage. Size of chippings generally between 30-80mm. Note, this material is for low-traffic areas. It is not suitable for parking areas of for vehicular traffic. 

1 ton bag will cover between 15 and 20 square metres, depending on depth. Chipping sizes and colours varies slightly between batches.

Delivery only in counties Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare and Meath. Orders from other counties will be cancelled and refunded. Delivery can take up to one week from receipt of order.

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