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Felco 'No 2' secateurs

Felco 'No 2' secateurs

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These professional quality secateurs have been used by gen4rations of professional gardeners around the world. Felco secateurs are considered by many as the best quality, longest lasting secateurs on the market. Made in Switzerland 'No 2' is the most popular model, for all-round, day-to-day gardening. It differs from the No 4 model only in the central nut. No 2 has a small additional fixing that allows you to tighten the head with a screwdriver. Felco tools are known for their reliability, durability and long life. Most parts are replaceable. Red handles make them difficult to lose, and provide warmth and grip. Cutting width up to 25mm. Total length 21cm.

Generally available in our Monkstown & Clare Street shops. C

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