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Quarry dust for blinding / (1 ton bag / bulk bag)

Quarry dust for blinding / (1 ton bag / bulk bag)

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Efficient delivery in the Dublin area. Suitable as a fine base-layer on driveways, parking areas or around drainage pipes. Delivery is €35 per truck delivery order, regardless of order size.

Finely crshed dark grey stone of approx 5 mm and downwards. This material is laid over hardore to create a smooth, permeable surface beneath gravel. Depending on how deep it is spread (generally approx 5cm), 1 ton covers 20-25 square metres. After spreading, it should be compacted using a whacking plate, roller, or by vigorous stamping and firming. Also used for bedding pipes and drains. If you are using a pale gravel such as Ballylusk or Glenview Lite Gold, we recommend that you use the lighter coloured Ballylusk dust. This does a similar job but has a paler colour.

Sold in a 1 ton bulk bag. Delivery in Dublin area within maximum one week. Delivery charge is €30.00 per order that contains a bulk items, regardless of how may units are ordered.

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