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Corten steel water bowls: 60, 80, 100, 120 or 150cm diameter

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We have been supplying and delivering these steel water bowls in the Dublin area for many years. They are popular with garden designers and garden owners because they are a simple and stylish way to bring water into the garden.

Place amongst plants or in a quiet corner for a reflective, calm water feature. Made from corten steel, a strong steel alloy that develops a distinctive rusty patina over time. The rust on the surface actually protects the steel, so the rust is what you want. The bowls have a drainage hole in the base, as well as a small base for stability and to give extra height. They come with a sturdy plug, meaning that they could be used as a fire bowl. Corten steel is a durable material that is also known as weathering steel for its strength and stability.

The largest water bowl, at 150cm diamter, is almost like a small pond, and makes an important statement. The smallest, at 60cm, would be ideal on a low wall or plinth as a bird bath.

The rust can take several months to develop. When you receive the water bowl it might be relatively un-rusted, and you might want to speed up the rusting process. There are various tips online, including spraying with vinegar 2 - 3 times on a sunny day. Alternatively, you can allow it to happen more slowly.

Feedback from our customers has been, for best results, to put a smal layer of pebbles / beach stones into the base of the water bowl to a depth of 2-3 cm. Some customers have even planted aquatic plants into this, which has kept the water crystal clear. For a birdbath / wildlife pond, you will need a couple of larger stones that come up to or above the water surface. Two other tips: the rust from the water bowl could stain a paved surface; give the bowl a good scrub with something like a brillo pad before use, as there are some oily deposits that are could effect the water quality.


  • 60cm wide x 14cm high. 8kg. 3mm thick corten steel
  • 80cm wide x 21cm high. 15kg. 3 mm thick corten steel
  • 100cm wide x 21cm high. 22kg. 3mm thick corten steel
  • 120cm wide x 21cm high. 30kg. 3mm thick corten steel
  • 150cm wide x 31cm high. 67kg. 4mm thick corten steel

Delivery only in the Dublin region area only as these item are too large and heavy to send via courier. Delivery can be up to a week from receipt of your order. Generally in stock in our Monkstown shop.