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DeWit 'Round Daisy Grubber' (3041)

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A 'niche' tool that is specifically designed for digging up shallow-rooted weeds such as daisies. The tip is sharp and forked, and should be pushed under the base of the plant to cut it. Ideal for helping in the pursuit of a natural, weed-reduced lawn or for digging weeds from gravel whilst causing the minimum of disruption to the sub-surface. It can also be used to dig up dandelions; push the weeder in beside the taproot to loosen the soil around the root, before pulling them up. Like all gardening tools from DeWit, this is hand made in Holland from strong, carbon steel and with an FSC hardwood handle.

Total length 34cm, width 1cm at the forked tip.

Generally available in our Monkstown & Clare Street shops.