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Howbert & Mays

Gee-up manure / soil conditioner (per 6 bags)

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Certified organic horse manure. Fully rotted, weed-free and odourless, it makes the perfect mulch or fertiliser for your garden. Many of our Dublin customers return year after year for a few bags to use in the garden. Add to potting mixes, top-dress your beds or pots, dig into or lay over vegetable beds. As a top-dressing, it stabilises soil temperatures, keeps down weeds, looks attractive and increases fertility. Ideal for reviving dry, dusty or infertile soil, and essential for city gardens where soil requires organic matter. Certified organic by Organic Trust. 12kg bag / approximately 40 litres when packed (volume depends on humidity, compaction etc).

40 litre bags (approx). Delivery is only in the Dublin region. Gee-up manure / soil improver is generally available in our Monkstown shop. Please note, delivery is only to your front garden / front door!