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Howbert & Mays

Ginkgo biloba / Ginkgo tree / Maidenhair tree

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A most distinguished tree, once thought to be extinct in the wild and only known as a fossil. Native to Eastern China, it has remained botanically the same, making it one of the oldest plant species still in existence. Ginkgos grow to be upright, medium-sized trees with a distinctive shape. Occasionally seen in suburban and urban gardens, they should be more widely planted. Resistant to pollution and able to cope with urban conditions. They have fabulous yellow autumn colour and very attractive foliage. Their upright shape makes them suitable for a location where space is limited. For most soil types in sun or light shade. Best with some shelter from strong winds.

Irish-grown plants, 100-125cm in height in a 5 litre container.

Plants are also generally available in our Monkstown shop. Because of its size and weight, this plant can only be delivered in County Dublin.