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Hydrangea seemannii / Evergreen climbing hydrangea

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A favourite plant amongst our customers for many years. This hard-to-find hydrangea is unusual for a variety of reasons: first of all, it's evergreen; second of all, it's a climber, and a self-clinging one at that; and thirdly, it thrives in shade. With all of these atributes - not to mention the gorgeous white flowers in summer - it's a really useful and beautiful plant that should find a home in many gardens. Plant in normal, well-drained, fertile soil, against a wall or fence. It will stick of its own accord, though it may take a couple of years to get going. You can stick it to the wall with duck tapes if that helps to keep it in place whilst it establishes. Ideal for a shady way, although it will also grow in part or full sun. It will take 2-3 years to flower, and will be slow to take off in the first couple of years. Once established, it will spread faster. For a longer stretch of wall or fence, space plants approx 3 metres apart. Very hardy to cold, wind and sea air make it easy to grow in almost all locations. 3 litre pot, Irish growm plants approx 30cm height.

Because plants are fragile, we no longer ship them nationwide via courier. We have tried, but even with the best packaging available they can de damaged. Plants are delivered in the Dublin area in our own van. Plants on this website are often available in our Monkstown shop. If you do want to have plants delivered outside the Dublin area, please contact us via the contact form for a quotation to cover packaging and shipping.