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Howbert & Mays

Lawn sand for top dressing (1 ton bag / bulk bag)

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Apply lawn sand to your lawn in spring or autumn. This improves drainage and root aeration, leading to better root growth and greater wear resistance. Our lawn sand is clean, lime-free and suitable for top-dressing, as used on golf courses or sports pitches. Indeed, many of our customers are sports clubs. It should be spread evenly over the lawn and brushed or raked into the grass to a depth of 10-15mm. Ideally, the lawn should be freshly mown, and ideally aerated before application. Tip: apply regularly but not too deeply. Some of our customers order too much and then regret it!  1 cubic metre covers approximately 40-60 square metres. Contents 1M3 bulk bag.

Please note: delivery can take up to one week from receipt of order. Delivery only in counties Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare & Meath. Orders from outside these counties will be cancelled and refunded.