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MoBacter natural moss killer & lawn fertiliser (2 litre)

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Perhaps the most effective and easiest way to remove moss from your lawn. Completely natural action and formulation. 'MoBacter Instant' is a liquid version of the better-known MoBacter that comes in granular form. It is a concentrated liquid moss killer, combined with lawn fertiliser that can be used year round on your lawn. Safe for pets, children and the soil. Sustainable ingredients and manufacturing process, chemical free and highly effective. Moss is killed within 24 hours and can be raked off your lawn. Once diluted, Mo Bacter Instant should be sprayed or applied to your lawn with a watering can. Dilution rate and instructions are on the packaging.

2 litre container covers up to 250 square metres.

We generally have a stock of MoBacter in our Monkstown and Clare Street shops.